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Hello, friends!

It’s been awhile! I’ve had to overhaul all of my websites and get things in order and catch-up in many ways.  I’m happy to be back. A lot has happened in WAGNERWORLD and I’m here to tell you all about it.

I just turned 50 on August 28th and its pretty cool hitting this milestone. I’m busier than ever with writing lots of things.  I finished an authorized memoir for Chef Curtis Duffy that is one of the most challenging and incredibly moving books I’ve ever written.  Recently, my short story, ‘Norwegian Woods‘—which appeared in the Big Book of Blasphemy anthology—was nominated for a 2020 Splatterpunk Award for “Best Short Story.” I didn’t win, but it’s still an honor for me to be nominated.

Aside from all of this fun stuff, I’m still busy hammering out edits on a new novel and also looking to try and finish two more books and a novella on top of all this.  Also, there’s some Broken Hope news coming soon—YES, I said BROKEN HOPE.

As always, THANK YOU for supporting what I do in my worlds of books and music.

Jeremy—Chicago, 2020

Latest News!

Earlier this year a student—Eliseo Salguero—at the Palacky University in Olomouc (Czech Republic) Faculty of Art/Department of English and American Studies did his Master’s Thesis on “Death Metal themes” in books, and chose my novel, The Armageddon Chord as part of his dissertation to support his aim in achieving an academic degree. The Master’s Thesis titled, “A Narratological Analysis of Death Metal Themes in Selected Works of Jeremy Wagner and Dean Swinford” is available in the link below if anyone wants to read it.
I’m honored that he chose my work and it’s just rad AF. 🤘🏻 📚 👨‍🎓 📖

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