Rabid Heart

Rabid Heart

How far would you go for love when all you love is DEAD?

Six months after the Necro Rabies pandemic has turned the world into hordes of rabid undead known as “Cujos,” 21 year-old Rhonda Driscoll discovers her zombified fiancé, Brad, in her old hometown.

Fearing that her Marine Colonel father will kill undead Brad, Rhonda flees, taking a road-trip with Brad in tow in hopes of starting a new life in a frightening and uncertain world complicated by numerous perils, pure horror, joy, heartbreak, and unconditional love.


Rabid Heart maintains a sharp, persistently moving narrative of the protagonist’s personal quandary and eventual flight. It’s immensely fun, and Rhonda Driscoll dishes out one-liners with panache…an endlessly entertaining zombie tale that checks off genre conventions with style.”
Kirkus Reviews

Rabid Heart evokes a mix of Misfits lyrics and grainy VHS horror classics. The plot draws parallels to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road…”
Publishers Weekly Author Spotlight

Rabid Heart, feels like a crowning achievement, anchored by an inspiring, salt-of-the-earth female protagonist as it brings the heart and horror in equal measure.”
Rue Morgue Magazine

“Zombies and the end of days don’t stand a chance against true love. Jeremy Wagner’s Rabid Heart is good, clean apocalyptic fun.”
—Alma Katsu, author of The Hunger

“Just when you think you’ve heard every love story, along comes Rabid Heart. My man Jeremy Wagner proves once again he’s as much of a wild man with words as he is with his guitar. This book is sick and sweet, and I say that with respect!”
—Peter Blauner, NYT bestselling author of The Intruder and Sunrise Highway

Rabid Heart is Wagner’s finest work to date. Exciting and near-addictive. A page-turner that avid horror aficionados will be drawn to with glee.”
Dead Rhetoric Magazine

Rabid Heart is a next level opus that raises the stakes considerably—both in terms of emotional resonance and viscera-flinging brutality. And good goddamn, is it a white-knuckle thrill ride.”
Decibel Magazine

“Wagner just has this innate ability to write about these real life topics and put them into a blender with horror, action, and suspense.”
—Metal Temple

“I like books best when I get a sense that the author really cares for their characters. Rabid Heart is one of those books. If you’d enjoy a classic tale of boy meets girl, boy turns zombie, girl tries desperately to save boy, then Rabid Heart is a book for you.”
—L.T. Vargus, author of Beyond Good & Evil and Dead End Girl

“Another in a long line of zombie road trip tales, Wagner adds a romantic angle to keep things fresh among the putrefied undead.”
—Nick Cato, author of Death Witch and Uptown Death Squad

“It’s fucking brilliant…fucking loving it. So fucking good.”
—Brian Keene, bestselling author of The Rising and Return to Lost Level

Rabid Heart is the first book I’ve read by Jeremy Wagner and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m a huge fan of zombie movies, novels, and shows that pull me in by way of well-rounded characters and a narrative that rips my heart out at every turn, and Rabid Heart hit the mark perfectly. I enjoy tales of horror that have a strong woman as the main character, and after everything Rhonda goes through, fighting the living and the undead, she never appears weak, even in her darkest moments, and I like that.”
—Kendall Reviews

“The characters are memorable and the fast-paced plot is well thought out. The story concludes with a bittersweet but fitting ending. Overall, this zombie adventure is witty, thrilling and has heart.”
—Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“That it (Rabid Heart) featured a female protagonist and was billed as much as a love story as a shoot-’em-in-the-head, intrigued me. It was fun; the action scenes high-octane bang-bang-bang entertaining, the gore plenty splattering.”
—The Horror Fiction Review

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