The Big Book of Blasphemy

Norwegian Woods

Black metal guitarist, Torbjørn Kristiansen—known to his fans as “Maggotis”–enters the studio with his band, Pesta’s Reign, to record their new album.

One fateful night in the studio, band vocalist and leader, Vredesbyrd, insists the band perform an evil and Satanic ritual he’s conceived that he promises will empower himself and make their band the most unholy black metal group in history.

Thinking the demonic ritual is just another stunt, Torbjørn Kristiansen soon discovers that the unhallowed ceremony is no joke, but an actual act that turns the band’s frontman, Vredesbyrd, into a profane entity bent on making Torbjørn and his bandmates into 3 sacrifices that will complete the ritual’s sacrilegious requirements.

As he flees across Norway in blind terror, will Torbjørn reach the holy place he hopes will give him safety and absolution, or will Vredesbyrd’s long and evil arm seize Torbjørn and pull him down into an abyss he never believed existed?

Obliquatur Voluptas

Four Heads Are Better Than Two

‘Four Heads Are Better Than Two’ is an apocalyptic tale told in first person by a young gal named Julie, who, with her boyfriend, Billy who run from dropping nuclear bombs and escape into a fallout shelter on a farm that belongs to Billy’s “Uncle Steve.”

As the bombs drop, Billy and Uncle Steve run out of the shelter to save Uncle Steve’s prize pig, “Sweetbutt.” As soon as the two men leave the shelter, a devastating bomb hits the farm and traps Julie below ground as she wonders where her boyfriend and his uncle are.

Three weeks later, Billy and Uncle Steve miraculously return to the shelter after digging through massive rubble to get to Julie. As they enter the fallout shelter, Julie finds that Billy and Uncle Steve have changed into a horrific-yet-sexual mutation. The permuted pair are conjoined and as Julie will learn, the carnal monstrosity will show her why four heads are better than two…

Shopping List 3

The Dead Half

In ‘The Dead Half’, racist-skinhead Lester Clay meets more than he bargained for when he menaces Ugandan college student named M’loke in a local redneck bar. When the tables turn, Lester discovers there’s two sides to every man—and one side already has one foot in the grave.

*Like a gory tale out of Creepshow, ‘The Dead Half’ celebrates the work of two heroes who’ve inspired Jeremy Wagner greatly: Jack Ketchum and George Romero.

A Tribute Anthology to Deadworld

and Comic Publisher Gary Reed

Welcome to Deadworld!

In this tribute anthology to Deadworld, and its publisher Gary Reed, we’ve collected stories that take place in the Deadworld universe.

Deadworld is a graphic novel series that started in 1986 (and continues till this day) that follows survivors in a post-apocalyptic world brought on by zombie attacks led by the King Zombie, an intelligent zombie. The Deadworld universe has so much more to offer than just humans slaughtering zombies.

A Tribute to Deadworld features stories and articles by Kevin VanHook, Thomas Monteleone, Jason Henderson, Andrew Robertson, Jennifer Williams, Ken Haigh, Sarah Stegall, Jamie K. Schmidt, George Ivanoff and Jeremy Wagner.

Now Write!

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Featuring speculative fiction-writing exercises from Harlan Ellison (R), Piers Anthony, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, screenwriters of The Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and many more.

The fifth volume in the acclaimed Now Write! writing-guide series offers a full toolbox of advice and exercises for speculative fiction writers hoping to craft an engaging alternate reality, flesh out an enthralling fantasy quest, or dream up a bloodcurdling plot twist, including:

-Harlan Ellison (R), on crafting the perfect story title

-Jack Ketchum, on how economy of language helps create a truly frightening tale

-Piers Anthony, on making fantastical characters feel genuine and relatable

Among the other writers incluided are: Steven Barnes, Peter Briggs, David Brin, Sara B. Cooper, Brian James Freeman, Joe R. Lansdale, Bruce McAllister, Vonda N. McIntyre, William F. Nolan, Michael Reaves, Melissa Scott, Michael Dillon Scott, Vanessa Vaughn and others.

Slices of Flesh


Do you like your horror in small bite-sized chunks? If so, then Slices of Flesh from Dark Moon Books will activate your taste buds like zombies drawn to fresh brains. These flash fiction stories oozed from the brains of some of the best horror writers from around the world and will fit perfectly into your daily diet of “scary.”

Hungry for Your Love

An Anthology of Zombie Romance

Romance ain’t dead… it’s undead. In this thrilling zombie anthology, horror fans will finally get their fill of zombie-on-zombie action, zombie-human love, and zombie smut. Because why should vampires have all the fun?

This collection of never-before-published short stories includes:

—”Revanants Anonymous” by Francesca Lia Block: two zombies meet at a Revanants Anonymous meeting and when sparks fly they wonder how “dead” they really are

—”I Heart Brains” by Jaime Saare: a widow and a dead man get a second chance at love

—”Captive Hearts” by Brian Keene: zombie plagues can’t stop a woman from caring for the man she loves

—”Everyone I Love is Dead” by Elizabeth Coldwell: what happens when your true love comes back from the dead–after you’ve already moved on with a new man?

—”Last Times at Ridgemont High” by Kilt Kilpatrick: an electrifying zombie romp

—and many more!

Book: The Sequel

First lines from the classics of the future by Inventive Imposters

After the last page is turned and the cover closed on a great book, is it really over? Ever wonder what happens to Harry Potter after, say, twenty years of marriage and a steady government gig? Or what Karl Marx would say about today’s financial crisis? What did Scarlett O’Hara really think about tomorrow?

What comes after “ever after?”

Book: The Sequel dares to answer these burning questions with imagined first sentences from would-be follow-ups to classics from The Bible to Lord of the Rings, and from Green Eggs to Hamlet.

A delicious and unexpected return engagement from favorite characters like Jane Eyre, Ebenezer Scrooge, Jay Gatsby, Holden Caulfield, Wilbur the Pig, and Captain Ahab, BOOK: The Sequel is a perfect gift for book lovers everywhere, or anyone to whom “The End” is simply the starting point for their imagination.

Fang Bangers

An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love

Fang Bangers collects 14 hot stories of fanged and clawed love and lust—Vampires loving shape shifters, werewolves lusting for fairies and every creature imaginable with the girl next door! It’s a collection of the ultimate taboos. Erotic super star Cecilia Tan gives us some Vampire BDSM, New York Times best-selling author Lois Gresh gives us a clawed creature of unique proportions and propensities, and Gina McQueen (New York Times best-selling author John Skipp in drag) shows us some new werewolf tricks.

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